using your Airtable data

Turn your Airtable data into Google Docs and PDFs — no coding required.

Watch 2 min demo

Four Easy Steps

Takes minutes to set up, saves weeks of work.

1. Connect Accounts

Connect your Airtable and Google Docs accounts.

2. Create Google Docs Template

Create your Google Docs template and copy the URL.

3. Create automation recipe and map fields

Create a new recipe, select your Airtable data and add the Google Docs template URL.

4. Start automating documents

Send requests to DocsAutomator and receive PDFs in Airtable.


All you need to effortlessly automate professional documents.

Google Docs — Documents You're Used To

Use Google Docs like you're used to and create stunning templates for invoices, proposals, contracts or any other document you need.

Airtable — Your Flexible Data Source

DocsAutomator uses Airtable as its data source (more sources coming in the future). Airtable makes it easy to automate triggers as well as automate created documents further.

{{Dynamic Templating}}

Creating templates is super easy. Curly brackets define variables you then map to your data fields in your DocsAutomator account.

Line Item Support

Create line items on documents (invoices, offers, ...) dynamically with DocsAutomator's intuitive templating engine.

Flexible Output

Save documents as PDF back to Airtable or keep editing and handle the PDF in any way you want.

Dates and Currencies Support

DocsAutomator supports dates and currencies for most regions in the world.


Flexible pricing — different plans to fit your document automation needs.


€0 / month

No credit card or payment method required.

Get started with up to 100 documents for free per month.

  • 100 documents / month included
  • Email + video call support

DocsAutomator 500

€29 / month

Grow your business with up to 500 documents per month.

  • 500 documents / month included
  • Email + video call support

DocsAutomator 2000

€79 / month

Automate all your documents with up to 2000 documents per month.

  • 2000 documents / month included
  • Email + video call support

DocsAutomator Unlimited


Need more than 2000 documents per month? Contact us for a custom plan.

  • Up to unlimited documents / month included
  • Email + video call support


Find answers to common questions below or drop us a DM on Twitter.

Do I need an Airtable Pro account?

No, you can start creating documents on the Airtable free plan by using the Scripting Extension. Scripting Extensions can be connected to buttons in Airtable and like that you're able to start automating. However, if you want to create documents from an Airtable automation, you need a Pro account for the Script Action. Confused about the difference? Check out the following video: Scripting Extension vs. Script Action

Do I need to know how to code?

No, DocsAutomator is a no-code tool. There is a script for triggering the document creation but it's straightforward and can be copy / pasted. However, if you need help, don't hesitate to book an onboarding / integration call here: Onboarding Call

What happens if I exceed my monthly document quota? Will DocsAutomator stop working right away?

No, there is no immediate hard stop. You will get notified about having exceeded your monthly quota, which gives you time to assess whether you need to upgrade. There is a hard stop however at 125% of the monthly quota and after 5 days of exceeding the quota. And if it's a close call, please reach out and we'll see what we can do :)

Does DocsAutomator keep my data?

No, DocsAutomator is a middleman between your Airtable account and your Google Docs account and never saves any sensitive data beyond what's necessary for the app to work (field names for example).

Are you planning on adding more data sources beyond Airtable?

Yes, working on it. Please send your suggestions and needs!

When are you starting to offer Word support?

Not sure... :D