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Learnings from Week 2

February 15, 2023

Rupert Hoffschmidt-McDonnell

Building something delightful, activating users and finding focus


Hi Automators!

2 weeks have passed since I launched DocsAutomator and it's been quite a journey already. I'm incredibly happy about everyone who's tried it out so far and very thankful for the valuable feedback that was shared.

Sharing my learnings below, but first stats from last week:

  • Landing page visitors: 78 ( -34,5 %)
  • Total sign ups: 33 ( +11 )
  • Total created documents: 584 ( + 484)

This past week I learned that...

1. ... building an MVP is the wrong focus for Micro-SaaS 🎯

Focusing on building an MVP (minimum viable product) is misleading when buildng a Micro-SaaS. It's much better to focus on building a MDP (minimum delightful product). There's simply too much stuff out there and in order to catch users attention, the product needs to delight from the beginning.

▶️ DocsAutomator is very much an MVP at the moment and will move more towards an MDP in the coming weeks.

2. ... user acquisition is as important as user activation 👥

Everyone remembers signing up for an app, just to immediately close the tab and never look at it again. In those first seconds to minutes, users are very fickle. There's an immediate assessment of whether the app solves the problem and solves it fast. As a maker, you have paid so much attention to your own app that it's hard to relate to someone who only gives it 30 seconds. So acquiring users is one thing, but activating them is just as important. The guys at Senja have published an inspiring blog post including their changed approach of activating users:

▶️ User activation is definitely an area that needs a lot of improvement.

3. ... juggling different jobs is hard 🤹‍♀️

I'm not only an indie maker / solopreneur, I'm also a freelancer and content producer. Juggling these very different jobs is more difficult than I thought and requires some serious prioritizing and, more importantly, simplifying. This post / framework by Justin Welsh helped me a lot:

▶️ Prioritize, simplify and don't go crazy.

If you have any questions about DocsAutomator's journey or would like to chat, please feel free to always reach out via Twitter.

Happy automating!
Founder & Automator in Chief