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Why DocsAutomator?

January 30, 2023

Rupert Hoffschmidt-McDonnell

DocsAutomator is on a mission to build the easiest solution for turning data into Google Docs and PDF


Hi, I'm Rupert — the founder of DocsAutomator.

My goal 🎯 with DocsAutomator is to build the easiest way of turning data (starting with Airtable) into professional documents using Google Docs.

I'm building DocsAutomator because I couldn't find the solution I was looking for. For years, I've been setting up automatic document creation for clients using HTML, Zapier, Make, Google Apps Script and a variety of other tools. They all kind of worked in the end, but they took a long time to set up, the document editor wasn't right and eventually it left me with a thought in my head:

"Why isn't there a straightforward tool to turn my Airtabale data into a Google Doc? A tool that takes an existing Google Doc, makes a copy, fills in data (from Airtable and including support for line items), creates a PDF and saves it back to Airtable? All of that as easy as possible!"

DocsAutomator is that tool 💪

In my opinion, nothing beats the ease of creating documents in Google Docs and any set style shall be maintained in the finished, automated document.

Yes, tools like Zapier or Make can replace Google Docs template placeholders, but that's limited to simple text. Without any line item support, these solutions aren't able to handle invoices, proposals or generally documents that require any type of dynamic list. Also, for ease of use, currencies, numbers and dates should be formatted correctly according to regional settings without any need for using formula fields in Airtable. On top of this, Google made it harder recently to create templates by restricting access to workspaces.

And there's a lot more: Support for dynamic images, e-signature, charts, ...!

So that's why I've set out to build DocsAutomator. Since I'm an Airtable developer, the first supported data source is Airtable. I'm planning to expand to other data sources in the future.

DocsAutomator is launching in Beta and is free to use. You can sign up here: Sign up.

To learn more about DocsAutomator, please visit the Knowledge Base.

I would love to hear from you with feedback or just to say hi 👋. You can reach me at rupert[at] or drop a DM on Twitter.

If you need help, you can schedule an onboarding call here: Book a call

Happy automating!
Founder & Automator in Chief